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Whitby is nestled within one of the most stunning areas of the English countryside.

A trip out of the town brings the delights of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park with acres of beautiful moorland, open spaces and forests; with a variety of activities such as walking, surfing, mountain biking and climbing. Whitby is often referred to as the Jurassic coastline, and is one of the prettiest towns on the North Yorkshire Coast.

Whitby's Famous 199 Steps
Whitby's Famous 199 Steps
“A historic town, surrounded by ancient moorland and beautiful coastline, with dramatic views in all directions.”

Whitby is steeped in ancient history, largely due to the construction of the Abbey, in AD 657, this has greatly influenced the character of the town today.

The geography of the Whitby UK area has lent itself to commercial aspects, both historically and present day. These are principally Whaling, Alum Mining, Jet Jewellery manufacture and fishing. The latter two of course, still currently being undertaken.


Tourism plays a vital role in the town’s economical structure with the growth of hotels, guesthouses, cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions, making the town a vibrant and exciting place to visit.

Many famous people are associated with Whitby, some by birth, and others inspired by Whitby’s beauty and haunting charm. A few famous names associated with Whitby are Bram Stoker's Dracula and Captain James Cook.

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